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The Story

Galaxia was the fabled Sailor Senshi who held within herself the mythical Light of Hope. When Chaos began taking over the Galaxy, she encased Chaos in her body in an attempt to stop it. Immediately, Chaos began taking over her body. Deperately hoping there was someone who could defeat Chaos, she sent the Light of Hope away to find this someone. The Light of Hope escaped to earth where it took on the form of Chibi-Chibi. By sending away the Light of Hope, Glalxia herself lost hope and Chaos' domination of her was complete. With Choas in command of her body, she destroyed planet after planet in an effort to conquer the galaxy. Using the power with which Chaos provided her, she corrupted other Sailor Senshi into her personal thugs. Searching for the Light of Hope, which was the only thing that prevented her from conquering the galaxy, she came to Earth. there she met Sailor Moon and Company and the Starlights, who were a little miffed because Galaxia had destroyed their planet and killed their princess. In a final showdown with Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon restores her to her former self and Chaos is defeated.

The Images

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